History of Lean-On Lodge

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The history of Lean-on Lodge begins with Ray's dream of building a traditional log church somewhere. A friend told Ray about an old barn constructed with gothic old hand-huned logs. The Melvin Steele family donated the barn to the Ray and this started turning a dream into reality.

In the early spring of 2006, Ray began to dig a 3.5 acre lake on Lean-on Farms. This was a perfect setting for his "log church." Judy picked a spot on the southside of the lake, and with no plan, a little vision, and only a dream he began to rebuild and put the logs back together.

As friends and family image samplestarted donating their time and talents, Ray began to realize that God had His hand in it. Ray later said, "If I had a plan in the beginning, I would have messed it up, and it never would have turned out the way that it has. God just seemed to make all the pieces fit together perfectly" Ray was asked once by his daughter Shelby, "This seems really neat, but why are you doing this? How will this be used?" His response was clear, "It just seems that everything is coming together so perfectly, that maybe this can be used for ministry, maybe those in ministry can come and enjoy this."

It wasn't until the summer of 2008, while talking with his cousin Sara Bruer, that Ray finally realized something. He set out to build a "log church" and that is exactly what God created. It may not look like a "traditional" log church, but it is a church just the same. Like Sara said, "You built your log church, it just turned out a little different than you might have first thought."

Do not lean on your own understanding but in all things acknowledge the Lord, and He will make your paths straight. - Proverbs 3: 5-6

The Cabin was dedicated on September 17, 2006. These are the words and thoughts of Ray that day:

"To God be the Glory! I finally feel like I have completed the building part of the lodge. It was only going to be finished when I publically and sincerely thanked all who participated in furnishing materials and providing labor. I was looking to today to finally thank everyone involved. To the future... I hope and pray this place becomes a sanctuary for couples rekindling their love for each other, a place where you can enjoy the gorgeous outdoors, a place where those on the mission field and in ministry are welcome to retreat and relax, a place where Judy and my grandkids can enjoy and know their Papaw & Nana loved the Lord and would want them to have a place of spiritual reflection, peace, love, and happiness."